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Industry and research news archive from 2022

Hydrosol ice cream cones

Hydrosol looks to compensate for food price increases

Compensating for food price increases as well as possible economical stabilising systems assist food manufacturers. Quite apart from high inflation and exploding energy prices, the volatile availability and price fluctuations on raw materials markets are a huge challenge for the food industry. New solutions are needed in order to respond to consumers' shrinking budgets. ...


Healthy Hedonism: EXBERRY® by GNT identifies disruptive new color trend

A bold new era of “Healthy Hedonism” is inspiring a radical rethink of what is possible with natural colors, according to trend analysis by GNT. GNT, the global supplier of plant-based EXBERRY® colors, explored how today’s consumers see color in the world of food and drink and beyond. The research revealed a powerful new trend shaped by Generation Z’s desire to ...

Food and Drink Federation

Industry faces investment decisions as cost pressures soar

Nearly 50% of food and drink manufacturers have cut or paused investment projects as they face the toughest trading conditions anyone can remember, according to new research by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF). With food and drink inflation already at a 40-year high – and set to rise further – companies are urging the Chancellor to provide economic and energy stability ...

Sternchemie coconut milk powder

Coconut milk powder unleashes vegan potential

The Frankfurt Future Institute called fusion "the culinary globalization of daily life" in its Food Report 2023. Fusion food combines influences from different international cuisines. Ginger and turmeric refine fruit smoothies, coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves lend a special flavour to kale curries. Whether soups, curries or desserts, fresh-made or convenience, coconut milk gives ...

Thermal processing training

Thermal processing training whenever and wherever you need it

Thermal Processing – Fundamentals is the first course to be offered via Campden BRI's new on demand e-learning platform 'Campden Learning'. Learners can access the same level of expertise and knowledge that Campden BRI training is renowned for, only now they can pause and continue their learning at a pace to suit them, their employer ...

Souring food prices

Soaring food prices are forcing more consumers to make sacrifices

The number of consumers cutting back on their grocery shopping as a result of inflation has grown significantly during the past year, according to new research. In a survey commissioned by specialist PR consultancy Ingredient Communications, a quarter of respondents (24.9%) said they had stopped buying a food or beverage product in ...

global cocoa products

Global cocoa products market is expected to reach USD 25,249.67 million by 2027

Cocoa, both in its powdered form and in the form of dark chocolate, may be able to help lower blood pressure. Besides lowering the blood pressure, cocoa appears to have other properties that can reduce your heart attack and stroke risk. Other than cocoa's positive impact on age-related mental degeneration, its effect on the brain may also improve ...


Programme for the new gelato area at südback has been finalised

Twelve member companies of The Consumer Goods Forum's (CGF) Coalition of Action on Plastic Waste have today published a letter addressed to suppliers, regulators and investors expressing their demand to procure chemically recycled material produced in line with their environmental safeguards. A wider survey of Coalition member companies indicates ...


Programme for the new gelato area at südback has been finalised

Gelato professionals will demonstrate ways to achieve business success with gelato / Gelato as an additional line of business for bakeries and cake shops. The production and sale of gelato are regarded as a profitable market segment. This area is also interesting for experts from bakeries, cake shops and cafés as an additional line of business ...

The SIAL Innovation Awards 2022 for 21 new products

The SIAL Innovation Awards 2022 for 21 new products

With 30 days to go before the next SIAL Paris show, a jury of experts met to determine the winners of the highly anticipated SIAL Innovation Awards 2022. This year's 21 winners will come together in a dedicated area of the exhibition between October 15 and 19. Presented in recognition of the most outstanding food industry innovations ...

Palsgaard helps cake manufacturers crack high egg prices

Palsgaard helps cake manufacturers crack high egg prices

Palsgaard is showcasing the power of its whipping-active emulsifiers to reduce the egg content of cake recipes – allowing significant cost reductions. The amount of egg needed in a cake recipe depends largely on the choice of emulsifier. Traditional cake gels or hydrates, which are typically based on monoglycerides, can perform ...

The business case for African turmeric

The business case for African turmeric

Demand for turmeric is increasing fast. There is great potential in the European market for African turmeric suppliers. But these turmeric exporters have to compete with well-established companies from India. Indian companies benefit already from the growing interest; more than 80% of the world's turmeric grows there ...

Tesco electrifies deliveries to more than 400 city centre stores

Tesco electrifies deliveries to more than 400 city centre stores

The first electrically-powered lorry of its kind, made by Renault Trucks, is now delivering to more than 400 stores in Greater London, with further electric lorries entering service in the coming months. The lorry has a range of up to 130 miles and is able to carry the same payload as the diesel truck it replaces ...

The new Punk’d Protein revolution

The new Punk’d Protein revolution

Recently launched Punk’d Protein is a range of snacking bars, flapjacks and cookies which firmly puts two fingers up to the traditional protein snack. The Punk’d Protein range is set to revolutionise the British snacking market. Rebellious enough to not conform to the low fat, low sugar, high protein trend currently ...

DIOSNA offers IoT solution for production

DIOSNA offers IoT solution for production

DIOSNA has recently introduced an innovative IoT solution. The term IoT (Internet of Things) describes the increasing, global networking of machines, technologies and user interfaces. This interface function optimises process flows in manufacturing and makes maintenance plannable and controllable. ...

FEDIOL releases environmental footprint study

FEDIOL releases environmental footprint study

FEDIOL just released a study on Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) profiles of vegetable oil and protein meal products commissioned to the Belgian research institute VITO. The life cycle stages covered in the FEDIOL study include the industrial processing of commodities, such as oilseeds and crude vegetable oils, but ...

Zeelandia and InnoV join forces with the latest gluten-free solutions

Zeelandia and InnoV join forces with the latest gluten-free solutions

Zeelandia and Ireland's InnoV have entered into an exclusive collaboration and licensing agreement in the field of gluten-free and other 'Free From' solutions with regard to the sustainability trends in the bakery market. This collaboration strengthens the expertise and production of Zeelandia with InnoV's knowledge and technology ...

Chocolate fillings with oleogels made from plant oils

Chocolate fillings with oleogels made from plant oils

Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV and partners from industry are investigating how fat content can be reduced in chocolate fillings by using oleogels made from plant oils as well as how the lipid composition can be optimized ...

FRITSCH World of Bakery Canada

The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation (NARF) has announced a new three-year, oral immunotherapy (OIT) trial looking into cow's milk allergy and also peanut allergy

It is to be led by the University of Southampton under Professor Hasan Arshad (a former Allergy UK trustee) and co-chief investigator Dr Paul Turner at Imperial College London (a member of Allergy UK's health advisory board). There will be other trial sites around the country including the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Newcastle University and Sheffield Children's Hospital ...

FRITSCH presents the 3rd generation of ROLLFIX

FRITSCH presents the 3rd generation of ROLLFIX

FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the MULTIVAC Group, relaunches the centrepiece processing line of its extensive portfolio, the ROLLFIX, now in its third generation. The engineers of FRITSCH have made the dough sheeter even easier to control ...

Dawn Foods fudge icings

Dawn Foods gets fruity with new fudge icings

Dawn Foods UK and Ireland has expanded its range of easy-to-use fudge icings with two vegan-suitable fudge icings, both made with natural fruit flavours and colours. A vibrant purple colour, Dawn's new Blackcurrant Fudge Icing can be used to create stunning Instagram-worthy bakes ...

Byron logo

Byron launches their newest burger, The Easy Cheesy!

Cheesus, what's this?! A cheeseburger without the beef? Sometimes change can be great! This March, indulge in the tastiest, tangiest, taste bud tantalising burger you've ever tried. Byron is pleased to announce the launch of their newest burger, the Easy Cheesy ...

British Bakels logo

British Bakels Celebrates 75 Years with Launch of New Report

On 25 February, British Bakels, manufacturers and distributors of bread, pastry, cake and confectionery ingredients, is celebrating 75 years since it was founded in 1947. To mark this achievement, the company has collaborated with food futurist, Lyndon Gee, on a brand-new report – Baking Past, Present and Future ...

CSM Ingredients logo

CSM Ingredients and Bäko continue their joint concept for success

The spring bread inspires bakery customers nationwide, and has been for more than 20 years. Behind the popular brand with high recognition value is a cooperation between BÄKO and CSM with the aim of conceptually supporting artisan bakers in creating and successfully marketing exciting baked goods ...

AMF Bakery Systems logo

AMF Bakery Systems Acquires Workhorse Automation, LLC

AMF Bakery Systems, the global leader in complete, integrated system solutions, announces today the acquisition of Workhorse Automation, Inc. of Kirkwood, Pennsylvania. The acquisition will bring together the two US-based industry leaders ...