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CSM Ingredients and Bäko continue their joint concept for success

CSM Ingredients logoThe spring bread inspires bakery customers nationwide, and has been for more than 20 years. Behind the popular brand with high recognition value is a cooperation between BÄKO and CSM with the aim of conceptually supporting artisan bakers in creating and successfully marketing exciting baked goods.

The partners will continue their collaboration in 2022 and, in addition to the classic spring bread, will also be presenting hearty spring flatbread for the first time. In addition, artisan bakers benefit from an integrated application solution that tempts the heralds of spring freshly baked on the bread shelf at any time of the day. The magic word is "interrupted baking method", which makes it possible to decouple dough preparation, processing and proofing from the finish baking and offers several advantages in daily operations: On the one hand, bakery teams can effectively absorb production peaks. On the other hand, sales teams can inspire their customers all day long with fragrant spring bread and flatbread fresh from the oven. Simply perfect for responding flexibly to inquiries and adding an impulse to the after-work range!

Marketing with spring flair

The basis for spring bread and spring flat cakes is the product Cal Vital from the CSM brand Ulmer Spatz. For that all-round spring feeling in the bakery, CSM and BÄKO also have other ingredients and suitable recipes for the baked goods ready, as well as bakery aids and comprehensive materials for their presentation and marketing. For example, the spring breads can be baked and presented perfectly in the Carlsens wooden baking tin, which can be obtained from BÄKO.

Marketing of the pastries with a strong impulse succeeds with classic advertising media such as bread wrappers and posters as well as with image templates for Facebook and Instagram and customizable coupon cards from the baker's advertising portal. Fresh colors and the seasonal reference reinforce the momentum of the spring specialities.

The sales consultants at CSM Ingredients will be happy to answer your questions about spring bread and spring flatbreads, and they also have other spring-fresh recipe ideas ready. Comprehensive information, including the interrupt baking method, is also available from the specialist bread/rolls hotline on 0800 418 4180 or and on The World of Baking at and customizable Advertising material in the Bäcker advertising portal at