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PROGRESSA bread - the new compact bread line from Fritsch

FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the MULTIVAC Group, launches a new processing line: the PROGRESSA bread. Thanks to numerous innovations, it operates highly efficiently and allows great variability of products.

It has been specially designed for the best possible processing of breads made from soft dough, a strong trend among consumers. "With this very compact machine, we close a gap in our portfolio and cater above all to artisanal and retail bakers," says engineer Fred Dorner, Head of Research & Development at FRITSCH.

Depending on product size, the PROGRESSA bread can process between 800 kilograms and two tons of dough per hour – achieving a processing quality and product variety that was only seen before in the category of industrial systems. "With the PROGRESSA bread, you can produce a wide range of breads with extreme weight accuracy and gentleness on the dough. You can almost do without the use of separating agents like oil, which benefits the product quality and keeps the effort of cleaning the system low," explains Dorner.

During the development of the PROGRESSA bread, the FRITSCH developers and dough technologists kept in close contact with their customers. This included working with those customers at the company's technology centre, the FRITSCH World of Bakery in Kitzingen. Numerous lines are available at this centre for testing and experimenting with new recipes. "The design of a system decides how quickly and easily employees can remove or clean individual elements or parts," says Michael Gier, Head of the FRITSCH World of Bakery. Great care was therefore taken to ensure the design would perform as many functions as possible with as few parts as possible, and that the parts can be easily accessed and removed.

"With the PROGRESSA bread, bakers can process pre-cooked doughs as well as doughs with a high rye or water content in the same quality as on a large-scale line," Gier emphasises. This makes the new system attractive not only for medium-sized businesses but also for industrial customers: being only five metres in length, it can be integrated effortlessly into almost any existing production hall.

Fritsch PROGRESSA bread