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The SIAL Innovation Awards 2022 for 21 new products

siallogoWith 30 days to go before the next SIAL Paris show, a jury of experts met to determine the winners of the highly anticipated SIAL Innovation Awards 2022. This year's 21 winners will come together in a dedicated area of the exhibition between October 15 and 19. Presented in recognition of the most outstanding food industry innovations, these awards will be complemented by 3 Special Awards (bronze, silver and gold), the winners of which will be announced at the show.

"SIAL Innovation is such an eagerly anticipated event, because it provides a Unique showcase for current global food trends and previews the innovations we can expect to see on supermarket shelves and on our plates going forward. The 2022 Awards are all the more exciting because food industry stakeholders around the world are driving innovation to meet new demands for change. So more than at any time in the past, we want to shine a spotlight on initiatives like these, and encourage industry stakeholders to embrace change and transition to a healthier and more responsible food industry model, particularly through oUr own collective movement called "Own the change". Nicolas Trentesaux, CEO of SIAL.

Decoding tomorrow's menu
SIAL Innovation establishes the show as THE food trends trailblazer, providing visitors with expert views and up-to-date content on innovation and market foresight worldwide.

This forum for discussion about re-invention, transition and the future decodes the new products and consumption trends emerging in the global food industry.

The winning innovations will be showcased in a dedicated area of the show exhibition. This gallery of new and innovative solutions will then travel the globe to appear in other major SIAL network events in Canada, China, the USA, India, Jakarta, the Middle East and elsewhere.

An expert selection
This observatory of food industry innovation has set the global benchmark for more than 20 years, and is presented this year in partnership with ProtéinesXTC. This specialist in strategy, innovation and communication for food industry companies selected the list of finalists from among some 1,800 entries.

Their preliminary selection of new products was assessed and voted on by the SIAL Innovation Grand Jury of industry experts, trade press journalists and representatives of SIAL.

Having assessed each new product and rated it on a scoring scale, the members of the jury discussed all the competing innovations in all categories before voting for the one they found most persuasive.

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