MIWE - Meet the experts. Where the baking world meets: the MIWE live baking center

Monday, December 10, 2018

MIWE - Meet the experts. Where the baking world meets: the MIWE live baking center

It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words. However, at MIWE they believe that even a great many pictures cannot replace your own practical experience. That is why the German manufacturer of bakery processing plants has created a fully equipped demonstration bakery – the MIWE live baking center (LBC) – for its customers and interested parties at the Arnstein location. Here, MIWE technology can be experienced and tested like nowhere else.

After a construction period of just one and a half years, the MIWE live baking center was opened right on time for iba 2018. On 6,500m2 of land and with a usable area of around 1,600m2, it comprises a fully equipped production bakery with dough making area, seminar and meeting rooms, a modern test laboratory, offices, storage and changing rooms and a baking studio, where the complete product portfolio for in-store baking is available. "Meet the experts" is the motto of this demonstration bakery because that’s exactly what it is about: cooperation and exchange of experience among experts.

But what can those visiting the MIWE LBC expect? Well, this depends, because the agenda’s content, structure and scope varies from group to group and will always be tailored to the specific needs and interests of the guests. As would be expected in a demonstration bakery, a visit to the center will include a detailed presentation of the facility and its capabilities, the most important of which include testing stations, expert workshops and the opportunity for manufacturers to develop and perfect the production and processing of their products.

Focused product presentation
MIWE is represented at more than 60 national and international trade fairs each year, but nowhere as extensively as in the MIWE LBC. Here, interested parties can take a close look at the complete product portfolio in their own time and experience it during live demonstrations under practical conditions. From bakery refrigeration to ovens, MIWE energy and the MIWE eco:nova, right up to the complete range of equipment for shop baking and snacks.

Technologies from loading technology to vacuum conditioning are available, not forgetting the MIWE shop baking suite software solution and many other digital services. Everything that may be needed is on site even when it comes to dough making and processing. And, of course, the MIWE master bakers and dough technologists will be there focusing exclusively on the personal concerns of each visitor.

Why would anyone want to buy a pig in a poke? The MIWE live baking center lets visitors take the time to vet carefully all MIWE plant and systems in-depth in order to identify the most appropriate solution and above all make comparisons.

Questions that may be asked include: What makes the deck oven roll different from a rack oven roll? What product character can be achieved particularly well with thermal oil? What are the consequences for recipes and processing? What impact does vacuum conditioning have on lift?

Visitors are also encouraged to bring along their own ingredients if they wish. After all, equipment performance can only be put to the test optimally when customer-specific recipes and baked goods are used.

Expert workshops
Thanks to its long-standing, solid process expertise, MIWE has developed technologies in all areas of baking and happily shares this technological know-how.

For this reason, advanced training courses and workshops will be conducted throughout the year at the MIWE LBC where one can learn about atmospheric baking, MIWE variobake, long-process proofing, standardisation of baking programmes, the profitable snack business, and much more.

You can find current dates on MIWE's website: www.miwe.com/lbc


Product and process development
Anyone who develops new products or processes would not reasonably expect to go into full production immediately after product development. Instead, they would first carry out tests on smaller batches to optimise the production processes whilst at the same time exploring alternatives.

MIWE therefore also makes its demonstration bakery available to those wishing to develop products and processes in a test environment. It goes without saying that MIWE fully understands the necessity and importance of maintaining strict confidentiality at all times.

Additional services
Making the visit to the MIWE LBC as comfortable and enjoyable as possible is of paramount importance – after all, guests should be able to take full advantage of their time at the center. In this regard MIWE is also happy to take care of travel arrangements, help book a hotel, organise a shuttle service or evening entertainment. Over the past few weeks, the MIWE live baking center has come to life. Guests from Germany, France, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, China, Ukraine, Egypt and the US have already visited. Why not discover the possibilities too: www.miwe.com/lbc

MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH – Facts & Figures
MIWE was founded in 1919 by Michael Wenz in the Franconian city of Arnstein. The company is well-known worldwide for its competence and experience in the sector of all climate-controlled process states of baking (i.e. baking, refrigerating, proofing and freezing), automation technology, creating energy-efficient bakeries as well as plant construction. As the inventor of in-store baking (at that time publicized as "sight and scent" baking), MIWE revolutionized the baked goods market from the 1970s onwards. Sabine Michaela Wenz, the third generation of the founder's family, has been managing the constantly growing company since 2002. With eight subsidiaries (in the USA, Canada, Russia, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland and Singapore) as well as 40 representative offices, MIWE is now at home all over the world and therefore always close to its customers.


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