DIOSNA - Efficiency and precision on the move - all along the line

Innovative dough production thanks to automated guided vehicles. Consumer behaviour fluctuates widely and can no longer be assessed as accurately as it was possible a few years ago. These fluctuations also affect dough production, which will have to become much more flexible in the future. AGVs (Automated guided vehicles) offer interesting and cost-effective solutions...
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DIOSNA - Digital transformation for your production. IoT system takes kneading machines into Industry 4.0

The digital revolution is here. When it comes to quality and efficiency, manufacturers of baked goods can now profit from better digitisation of their production. In this article you can find out why you should transform your production with DIOSNA's Internet of things (IoT) solution.




DIOSNA - Fresh ideas for long-lasting quality bread

There are different answers to the question. "How long should bread stay fresh?" The expectations of the local baker are different to those in the larger food trade business or in distribution channels such as petrol stations. Bakers attach great importance to optimizing product freshness on the retailer's bread shelf, as well as long lasting enjoyment by...




DIOSNA - Work economically - Act responsibly

Sustainability in the bakery business can be characterised in many different ways but more typically it manifests itself as responsible purchasing of ingredients and packaging materials at any point in the supply chain, taking into consideration origin of raw materials and their relation to farming methods. In the bakery establishment itself, the essential area of...




DIOSNA - Hygienic Design Technology. All the benefits your bakery needs.

Have you thought about the possibility of having a dough mixed in the shortest possible time, with the ideal gluten structure development, a higher water absorption and the lowest possible temperature? It sounds impossible, right? Well not for us! At DIOSNA, we have created the perfect balance between efficiency, great product quality, safety and reliability. We...




DIOSNA - Spiral or Wendel Mixer, be spoilt for choice ...

"Humans make around 20,000 decisions every day," says Munich brain researcher Ernst Pöppel, "most of them lightning-fast." Fortunately, we take longer to make important decisions in our professional lives, we collect information, weigh things up and examine exactly what the purpose of our new acquisition is. Exactly one of these decision-making...

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