DIOSNA - Fresh ideas for long-lasting quality bread

Friday, June 17, 2022

DIOSNA - Fresh ideas for long-lasting quality bread

Bread shelf life

There are different answers to the question. "How long should bread stay fresh?" The expectations of the local baker are different to those in the larger food trade business or in distribution channels such as petrol stations.


Freshness and shelf life

Bakers attach great importance to optimizing product freshness on the retailer's bread shelf, as well as long lasting enjoyment by the consumer. Where bread is consumed over several days (e. g. whole grain loaves), extended shelf life must go hand-in-hand with dependable mould prevention.

Where distribution channels are separated from the manufacturing baking process (sometimes known as off-site baking), a method of freshness preservation needs to be added, which is expressed in "bridging" cold storage or deep-freeze storage, in order to achieve first class quality for the consumer.

For packaged breads, freshness is often gauged by the customer gently squeezing the package: soft usually means fresh. But the influences of the dough recipe also become apparent after purchase - how long does the bread stay good to eat?



DIOSNA offers technologies to meet the requirements of freshness and shelf life in all distribution channels. This is done by pre-doughing, with suitable plant technology, and is supported by yeast and DIOSNA's own starters. The next step is dough preparation. DIOSNA's Dough Experts provide advice on which kneading parameters are best used to incorporate the pre-doughs into the dough.

A well-known process is the preparation of a yeast pre-dough. Regardless of whether it is firm or soft, it can keep the crumb soft and fresh for a noticeably longer time. Of increasing importance is the use of sourdough. The crumb is strong but remains elastic at the same time. Some starters ensure longer lasting softness. The big plus is the taste and natural extension of shelf life.

A third option is using technologies to improve water binding in the flour and in the final product. Process steps used to achieve this are grain cooking (hot swelling) as well as cool or hot swelling. Even a few percent added to the dough significantly prolongs freshness. Especially with frozen baked goods, a juicier crumb is achieved.


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Overview of the application of technologies


Technology Microorganism or starter Temperature control DIOSNA Equipment Pastry examples Advantage: Longer fresh keeping Advantage: Delayed mould formation
Yeast pre-dough/sponge - firm or soft guide Yeast Cool, e. g. overnight; Warm, for short fermentation Wheat-fermenter and multi-fermenter Sandwich bread, toast, hamburger bun, roll, free white bread



Pre-dough that allows sourdough cultures to de-velop in addition to yeast, e. g. Biga oder Levain naturel/Lievito madre/naturale Yeast and lactic acid bacteria Warm prepa-ration, then overnight Kneader for feeding tubs or dough vats, manual or automated dough resting stations; industry: linear transport

Ciabatta (Biga), Baguette (Levain naturel), Pizza (Lievito), Frozen Pizza

Fresh, chilled, and frozen goods





(With longer maturation and mild acid formation.)

Wheat sourdough DIOStart wheat starter culture Depending on starter Wheat-fermenter and multi-fermenter Wheat baked goods, rolls, baguettes, Mediterranean pastries, starter-dependent yeast reduction is possible; pizza, pastries such as croissants





Spelt sourdough DIOStart spelt starter culture Thermically-led Wheat-fermenter and multi-fermenter Spelt baked goods





Rye sourdough DIOStart rye starter culture Depending on starter Rye-fermenter, multi-fermenter Rye bread and wheat /rye-mixed bread





Rice sourdough DIOStart rice starter culture Thermically-led Multi-fermenter Gluten free breads with rice content





Quellstück©   Cool or warm swelling Swelling vats, swelling fermenters Breads with seeds and kernels



Kochstück©   Hot swell/grain cooking Aroma/cooking systems Wheat bread, fresh and packed, particularly good for pre-baked frozen baked goods; frozen hot dog breads, wholemeal flour breads




The chart shows the great variety of pre-dough technologies applicable for all types of bread. DIOSNA offers the whole process from pre-dough preparation, partly with starter, to fermentation and storage, to dough mixing optiimized for your recipes.


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