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BE was created to provide readers with the very best, up-to-date research, applied science and innovation to ensure bakers are always ahead of the game and fully equipped to tackle ever changing consumer trends and the myriad production issues facing the baker’s ability to manufacture and stay competitive.


BE's highly experienced team uncover the latest science, projects and research and innovation from our global network of academic partners, leading international universities and research establishments.


Our contributing authors include some of the world's top food scientists, researchers and professionals.

Editorial Board


Our contributing authors include some of the world’s top food scientists, researchers and professionals:

Gary Tucker

Former Fellow
Campden BRI

Cristina Rosell

Head Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences - University of Manitoba

Prof. Charles Spence

Head of Crossmodal Research Laboratory
University of Oxford

Dr Valentina Stojceska

Brunel University London

Vera Fritsch


Alyssa Bakke

Food Science Department - Penn State University

Contributing Authors



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