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BakingEurope is a refreshing and vibrant publishing concept that contains an engaging analysis of the latest research, development, innovation and science in ingredients, technology, market intelligence and energy efficiency....

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Dedicated solely to the coverage of the truly latest applied science and cutting-edge innovation in the industry, Baking Europe journal journal's unique high-quality content is contributed from highly qualified scientists and researchers from the world's leading universities and research establishments experts, carefully selected through by invitation only. All editorial is written exclusively for the journal.

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Baking Europe journal is available to subscribers as a download PDF and Digital 'Flipbook'.
Published quarterly, Baking Europe is renowned for its authoritative, unbiased editorial on core subjects such as ingredients, equipment and technology, through to cutting edge topics that include energy efficiency, automation, packaging and retail in a format never seen before in one place.

Prof. Cristina M. Rosell
Full Research Professor and Director in the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology; Associate Professor of the University of Valencia

Thanks so much Graham for your mail. I really enjoyed our conversation, and of course always is great to contribute to the journal. I think you are doing a wonderful job with the journal and it is considered a prestigious journal even for the scientific community.

Marketing department

We all love the excellent easy to read scientific and research content of Baking Europe and are always happy to support this excellent journal

Prof. Charles Spence
Head of Crossmodal Research Laboratory
University of Oxford

Baking Europe provides a much needed interface between practitioners and academia in the world of baked goods. I very much appreciated the opportunity that the magazine provides to interface productively with those working on the other side of the industry-academia divide.