DIOSNA - Digital transformation for your production. IoT system takes kneading machines into Industry 4.0

Monday, November 14, 2022

DIOSNA - Digital transformation for your production. IoT system takes kneading machines into Industry 4.0

The digital revolution is here. When it comes to quality and efficiency, manufacturers of baked goods can now profit from better digitisation of their production. In this article you can find out why you should transform your production with DIOSNA's Internet of things (IoT) solution.

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring with IoT

Everyone knows that a machine lasts longer if it is well maintained, but in everyday life, this truism is often neglected. Digitisation provides a remedy and DIOSNA now offers an IoT interface for many of its mixers that not only keeps maintenance under control, but whose algorithms also ensure better process runs.

Kneading machine users are considered pragmatic. Most of them only get in touch when a major component is no longer working as it should, but it is worth keeping an eye on even the supposedly small problems. On the one hand, to protect the machine from major damages, on the other, because deviations in the kneader, in many cases, indicate a less than optimal processing procedure.

This is why DIOSNA is taking its machines (initially those that have a PLC) to the next level of digitisation. The IoT system offers a concept for maintenance and condition monitoring as well as support in monitoring product quality.

On the user interface, the user first receives classic KPIs of their machine, e.g. information about availability or how many batches have been produced. One view is dedicated to recipes, where safe recipes can be generated, made available and batches can be tracked. A batch log visualises the last 200 batches. Diagrams for selected batches can also be exported as Excel files and a fault history with corresponding solutions rounds off the picture.

Other views show the current sensor data and the status of the machine. This real time data informs the user about the power range during a certain batch and about the temperature and energy input - "This provides valuable information on whether the process is running optimally or not," explains Thorsten Iborg, software developer at DIOSNA.

The ability to access the system's surface from the office as well, gives the user more flexibility. Security is guaranteed: each Edge device has a unique access key, which can be cancelled if necessary. You can rest assured regarding your data's security: no product recipes are transmitted, only the pure machine data.

The software learns from historical machine data
With the IoT-system, maintenance measures or the procurement of spare parts can be detected at an early stage. This makes machines last longer and, above all, it does not stop at an inopportune time.

Even changes or fluctuations in the kneading process, including the raw materials, can be seen in the energy input and in the dough temperature. If a mixer repeatedly moves closer to the load limit for certain products, this can indicate unfavourable conditions. The exciting thing here, is that the software learns from the data. The more often it is used, the better deviations can be detected.

In the future, fault messages will be enhanced with further information, as production monitoring is becoming increasingly important.

Finally, it‘s good to know: the software can be updated simultaneously on all mixers in a line and retrofitting is not a problem for existing machines.

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