Durrer - Vacuum Cooling, An investment that really pays off

Friday, December 18, 2020

Durrer - Vacuum Cooling, An investment that really pays off

A vacuum cooler is a wonderful thing. Cooling down oven-hot baked goods in an instant, vacuum cooling increases efficiency and productivity in the bakery. Rolls and pastries become even airier and crispier than normal and benefit from a longer shelf life. Durrer's new vacuum cooling system represents genuine Swiss quality and first-class service throughout the entire operating time. A genuinely unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG is a Swiss family business. Spirit of innovation and technical finesse have been part of the company's DNA for over 70 years. Durrer develops solutions for the medical and sensor technology industry, with vacuum technology as one of their specialities - including the baking industry. They have been successfully developing and producing vacuum coolers for twelve years.


Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG is now using its experience and extensive network to launch a new generation of vacuum cooling systems. On first impression, what immediately catches the eye is the great design and the Durrer logo emblazoned on the device. The decisive factor, however, is what's inside where the latest technology, ultra-modern pump systems and, of course, Durrer's uncompromising quality will be found. The systems are also Industry 4.0-ready, meaning they can integrate with existing systems easily. All this at an attractive price.


An important guarantee is our consistently high standard. At Durrer, all development and production steps take place in-house, with 'A to Z' quality control in our own hands. As we fully utilise extensive know-how, this also applies to the maintenance and repair service over the system's entire service life.


“For us, the partnership really begins with the installation of a vacuum cooler. "We are there for our customers at all times and strive for uninterrupted operation for years, even decades", CEO Ludwig Durrer says. Durrer systems are looked after by experts with an intimate knowledge of the technology and how it works – worldwide. An investment in a Durrer plant not only increases short-term productivity, but it is also a worthy investment that pays off in the long run.


Durrer vacuum coolers are powerful and extremely reliable; well, they are made in Switzerland. The systems offer considerably more efficiency in the bakery than when using more traditional coolers. Within a few minutes of products emerging from the ovens, hot rolls and pastries are cooled down, becoming crispier, airier, and simply better – which means they stay fresh for longer. "The feedback we receive is consistently enthusiastic because our customers' consumers are enthusiastic about the baked goods," Ludwig Durrer confirms.


Durrer vacuum coolers are available as standard or customised versions - at no extra cost. Durrer uses the latest pump technology from world market leader and long-standing partner Busch. The pump capacity is matched to the respective product, so every Durrer vacuum cooling system is tailored to individual requirements and bakery conditions. "Our vacuum coolers not only save time but also space," Ludwig Durrer says.


Swiss industrial design is obviously more than just a machine with a beautiful shine. Performance, reliability and long-term benefi ts are unquestionably convincing arguments for consideration. A Durrer vacuum cooler is a worthwhile investment all round, as confirmed by bakeries already using it: "Durrer know what they are talking about. The expert advice is excellent. In addition, they have extensive experience in vacuum technology," Gerald Geier from Geier. Die B├Ąckerei GmbH in Strasshof near Vienna says. In short, Durrer is the ideal partner for every bakery.

For more information:

Mr. Ludwig Durrer, Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG Calendariaweg 2, 6405 Immensee Switzerland

Tel.: +41 41 854 40 60
Email: vacuumcooling@durrer.com
Website: www.durrer.com/vacuum

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