Simplify life with Rianta. Smart solutions for cutting, stacking, packaging and sealing

Monday, February 12, 2024

Simplify life with Rianta. Smart solutions for cutting, stacking, packaging and sealing

You help your customers simplify their everyday life and have more time for the important things. We support you in this.

With smart solutions for cutting, stacking, packaging and sealing goods. From artisan bakeries to global corporations, the range of our customers across the globe is very diverse, so whatever you produce, we are committed to working closely with you to find  solutions that fit your goals, ideals and production methods.

From semi-automatic machines for the bakery trade to complex systems for industrial production, we realize your ideas.


If required, we are a turnkey supplier from cooling to the finished packed pallet - with proven technology and uncompromising hygienic design.

As a manufacturer, we have more than 60 years of experience in the bakery industry and always have your requirements in mind. These include, above all, a short time-to-market and modular, scalable packaging systems, also under the aspect of investment security.

The Rianta range includes semi-automatic and fully-automatic packaging machines. The smallest models with manual loading are suitable for small batches, for example of special pastries. The fully automatic models, however can pack much larger batches. Entry-level automatic packaging lines run at 35 bags per minute, while high performance models process 90 bags per minute.



Functional diversity
With the wide range of cutting machines, baked goods can be cut not only vertically but also horizontally as required. With machines' cutting capacity ranging from 20 to 230 products per minute, we can also supply machines for toast, wheat and mixed breads, as well as solutions for fi rmer pastries, with or without sticky inclusions. An automatic, non-contact knife lubrication system, which can be centrally adjusted on the control system, ensures a high standard of hygiene and a clean cut. UV lamps inside the machine reduce germ contamination.


Davor Kovacevic, Managing Director of Rianta, explains:

Development and innovation are our top priorities; we always want to be at the forefront of technology."


There is already a digital twin for every major packaging line making it possible to run complete simulations of the line in advance in order to clarify various issues, such as the number of line operators needed.


Digital Innovation Center
In the DIC, the Digital Innovation Center, customers can walk through their virtual production with 3D glasses and see how the new line will fit in. A virtual reality design review is also possible, allowing future operators to practise virtually with the line before it is installed.


In terms of sustainability, the Rianta machines are well on track: They can already seal and clip paper bags in the same way as plastic bags. To address the sustainability goals, Rianta is currently developing its own packaging materials in collaboration with manufacturers and research institutes.


Changing shopping and consumption habits are changing demand. To keep you one step ahead in the market, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


More information:

Rianta packaging systems GmbH
Steinbeisweg 20
74523 Schwaebisch Hall
T: +49(0)791 93 00 80

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