Making life easier for bakers has been the top priority at MIWE since 100 years. When our customers are successful, so are we.

That is why we do everything to support our customers strengthening their position in the market by delivering top-quality products, professional advice and first-class service.

Our core expertise is the heating and cooling process in the bakery and efficient process design, and that is what we concentrate on. Our product portfolio is focused on baking ovens, bakery refrigeration systems and automation equipment.

The name MIWE is associated with many new advances in the world of baking. We introduced the rack oven to Central Europe, and our focused development of “sight and smell” baking led to wide-spread use of in-store baking. You will find us throughout the professional baking world. 9 subsidiaries and 40 agencies guarantee proximity to the customer.

Our local support teams help our customers achieve better business results with better baked goods. This is what the owner's name Wenz always stood for.

Michael Wenz made his first oven back in 1919 in his home town of Arnstein, Germany. His son Edgar Michael Wenz joined the company in 1951. The leadership baton has now passed on to the third generation, and Sabine Michaela Wenz has been managing the growing company since 2002. She has transformed the company from its artisan roots into a modern corporation which has business operations around the world and a promising future.

The company employs 700 persons who have very high aspirations which are expressed in the corporate vision: to be the preferred choice in the world of baking.

Contact information

MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH,

Michael-Wenz-Strasse 2-10,

97450 Arnstein,


Tel: +49 9363 68-0

Email: m.igelmann@miwe.de
Web: www.miwe.com



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