IMA - The right choice for future-oriented bakery manufacturing companies

Friday, October 13, 2023

IMA - The right choice for future-oriented bakery manufacturing companies

IMA FLX will present several key solutions at IBA 2023, the leading event in the bakery sector.


Focus on the future of the bakery sector
As IMA aims to keep pace with a rapidly evolving market, the cluster of brands that makes up IMA FLX is investing heavily in the development of advanced technologies and machines destined for the market’s future key players.


IMA FLX boasts the broad and integrated experience of a flexible packaging hub serving the bakery sector. Driven by IMA Group’s company culture that pioneers sustainability, IMA FLX represents a one-stop supplier for bakery manufacturers facing the challenges of tomorrow’s trends and is currently developing technical solutions to handle the challenging eco-friendly materials of the future.


IMA FLX is a kaleidoscope of specialist companies.
From fresh cakes, bread and pizza to biscuits, frozen dough and prebaked products, each application has its own unique packaging requirements.


The IMA FLX hub companies – IMA Ilapak, IMA Record, IMA Delta Systems and IMA Eurosicma – offer the best tailored solution for each of these applications and are able to deliver a turnkey solution to enhance performance and bring the customer a competitive edge.


IBA visitors will be able to see the technologies close up and discuss specific requirements with IMA FLX staff, so that solutions are adapted to achieve or exceed primary goals. Everything is considered: from increasing output to reducing operating costs, handling innovative packaging materials or minimising human intervention, even ultrasonic sealing and M.A.P. systems as required.


Complete bagging line for bread rolls
At IBA 2023, our Vision 3000 vision system using laser technology will be running in line with an intermittent vertical form-fill-seal machine, the Vegatronic 2600, as a fully integrated bread roll processing line.


Through a combination of laser and line scan cameras, Vision 3000 guarantees accurate checking and counting operations to verify product height, length, width and surface. Even at high speeds, Vision 3000 is so flexible it handles fresh, par-baked, frozen and raw dough products, whether baguettes, pretzels, rolls, bagels, doughnuts or croissants.


Vision 3000 will be feeding the Vegatronic 2600 with a film buffer, an exclusive feature to avoid downtime. Vegatronic 2600 can operate with 30°, 45° or 60° inclination, processing bags up to 580mm in width and 1200mm maximum film width.


Small or large bags can be used to pack fresh or frozen rolls, croissants, bagels, muffins and more. Vegatronic 2600 incorporates solutions to increase line efficiency and facilitate changeover procedures, such as the film buffering function allowing the film roll to be changed without stopping the machine.



Flow wrapping solutions and long-dwell sealing with sustainable materials
Also at IBA 2023, Delta 3000 is one of the market's best-known flow wrapping machines offering M.A.P, hermetic sealing and hygienic design.


We will demonstrate Delta 3000's long-dwell sealing capabilities which cover several new materials and ensure hermetic seals for products processed in a modified atmosphere. This responds to the growing trend towards sustainable packaging materials, typically hard to handle, containing high proportions of paper or recyclable mono-material, plastic based on PE or PP.


Horizontal form-fill-seal machine with automatic loading system processing buns
Synchronising the stages of a production line improves efficiency, especially with FLOWPOCKET by IMA Record, a solution which automatically loads buns onto the BS RS (Bottom Seal / Rotating Seal) version of the PANDA flow wrapping machine.


Perfect for regular, small and mediumsized products, PANDA BS RS reaches an output of up to 300 ppm. A perfect alternative to pick&place systems, FLOWPOCKET is easy to set up, quick to implement changeover and synchronised to perfection.


Insight into future trends and technologies
Satisfying the need for tangible answers Sustainability is a hot topic, especially in the food packaging sector. IMA addresses this trend by researching innovative packaging solutions to support companies with ambitious targets and intent on adopting a sustainable approach.


IMA OpenLab is a network of laboratories and testing areas within the IMA Group which investigates new materials in a high-tech laboratory, then testing them on packaging lines. Extensive trials are enabling IMA to devise tangible solutions for environmentally sustainable packaging materials within a constantly evolving legislative scenario.


Focusing on flexibility as a rewarding strategy, IMA has adapted its solutions to give its customers a competitive advantage. Long-dwell sealing technologies will have a key role in the future, despite today's uncertain regulations. Such sealing technologies will undoubtedly be essential within a few years, making the investment a sensible option today.


As the need to eliminate preservatives in advanced markets increases, replacing standard technologies with M.A.P. systems, IMA FLX is well placed to offer several alternative packaging solutions, from simple and essential machines to sophisticated, customised lines.


Be sure to visit IMA at IBA 2023. Stand B1.310 in Münich, Germany, from October 22 – 26, 2023



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