Bake smart with Smartfresh by MIWE

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bake smart with Smartfresh by MIWE

The Best Quality Fresh Food.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the baking industry, the challenge of maintaining the highest standards of food safety and product freshness is paramount. Smartfresh is an outstanding solution that effectively enhances critical aspects of high quality baking. This technology helps bakeries to achieve better working hours, manage freshness and extend the shelf life of their products without compromising on quality.


The Science behind MIWE smartfresh
MIWE smartfresh is not just another bakery refrigeration unit; it is a comprehensive system, designed to store par-baked goods for up to 10 days. The process begins with a first bake to a core temperature of 95-98°C. Once removed from the oven, the products are left to cool to about 35°C before they are stored in the MIWE smartfresh refrigeration unit in a controlled environment that maintains a constant climate of 3-5°C and a relative humidity of about 95 - 98% (rH). This high level of humidity prevents the bread from drying out and paradoxically, increases its moisture content each day, which is crucial for maintaining its weight and enhancing its perceived freshness.


Advantages in Food Safety
The MIWE smartfresh unit is equipped with cutting-edge technology, using a specific blue light in a special arrangement. This system is crucial for ensuring surface sterilisation and air disinfection within the storage unit. Unlike conventional UV systems, which operate in the harmful UV-C range and are energyintensive, the MIWE system is designed to be both safe and energy-efficient. Its effectiveness in preventing mould growth assures bakery owners of the highest hygiene standards and is essential for customer health, satisfaction and regulatory compliance.


Operational Benefits and Sustainability
Implementing MIWE smartfresh allows bakeries to significantly streamline their operations. The process supports demand-driven baking, meaning products are finished, i.e. baked a second time, only when needed, reducing overproduction and minimising returns. This efficiency also results in significant energy savings, as the production of larger batches means that only full oven loads are baked during the first bake, reducing energy costs per unit. The avoidance of freezing reduces energy costs even further, making MIWE smartfresh not only a guardian of quality but also an advocate for sustainability. Last but not least, the process offers many benefits for your staff, who no longer have to work night shifts, weekends or holidays.


A Perfect Match: Quality and Sustainability
As bakeries continue to search for solutions that meet modern operational demands while upholding traditional quality standards, MIWE smartfresh stands out as a beacon of innovation. By integrating this technology, bakeries can improve product freshness and embrace a more sustainable operating model. The time to make bakeries smarter and more efficient is now, and MIWE is leading the way with advanced bakery solutions.

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