Dr. Schär is seeding a better world by reducing the use of plastic

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Dr. Schär is seeding a better world by reducing the use of plastic

Schär Wholesome Loaf will soon be available in an innovative sustainable pack.


Dr. Schär, global leader in gluten-free and special nutrition, is further reinforcing its commitment to sustainability with the development of new packaging for the Schär Wholesome bread range, its most popular product on the global market. As a result, the company will cut plastic in Schär packs by 15%.


The company’s commitment runs along two parallel tracks: continuing to guarantee consumers safe, high-quality gluten-free products and optimising the use of plastic by reducing quantities and replacing it with paper whenever possible.

Wholesome Loaf, one of Schär’s most popular sliced breads, will feature with new environmentally-friendly packaging . By reducing the film and eliminating the tray, the Company is able to reduce the use of plastic in Wholesome Loaf packaging by 38% and the overall plastic use for Schär packaging by 15%.


Nicole Mattei, Head of Global Design and Packaging Strategy at Dr. Schär, says:

Keeping the promise, we made to our consumers to offer them products with a high standard of quality is essential for us. Most of our products, including the Wholesome Loaf range, are preservative-free and our packs need to be able to maintain that freshness and taste. Our approach to sustainable packaging and the actions we put into practice are the result of extensive research into solutions that meet our quality and safety requirements.


Wholesome Loaf represents a new step in the route the South Tyrolean company has set out on to help support a better world, one pack at a time. Already in 2020, in fact, 35% of product packaging was made from recyclable material, and in 2021, with Panini Rolls, the world’s first certified circular plastic packaging for gluten-free bread was launched, made from 46% recycled material. Dr. Schär currently utilises product packaging as an element to communicate its commitment to sustainability, directly to consumers.

All further steps in this direction are made in collaboration with the Dr. Schär R&D Centre in Trieste, which studies and develops new, consistent solutions for the needs of consumers and the environment.


Hannes Berger, CEO of Dr. Schär, commented:

Packaging is an integral part of the experience we offer our consumers - we have enthusiastically taken up the challenge of sustainability on this important touchpoint as well. Consumers who hold our Wholesome Loaf product in their hands will know that our commitment to seeding a better world is indeed concrete.

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