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The business case for African turmeric

Demand for turmeric is increasing fast. There is great potential in the European market for African turmeric suppliers. But these turmeric exporters have to compete with well-established companies from India. Indian companies benefit already from the growing interest; more than 80% of the world's turmeric grows there. One Indian exporter...




Call for world's largest food companies to prioritise health after new survey exposes bad practice

Two UK health charities are calling on some of the world's largest multinational companies to urgently improve the healthiness of the products that they sell, including stepping up their efforts to reformulate their popular brands. This comes after a new snapshot survey suggests many of their products are classified as...




Kerry - Proactive health solutions in food and beverages sought by all age groups

Proactive health concerns are at the forefront of purchasing decisions across all generations, according to Kerry, the world's leading taste and nutrition company. Kerry research shows that consumers in all age groups are interested in food and beverages with functional benefits – with demand for immune support, joint health and...




California Prune Board advances study of prunes and bone health via robust nutrition research programme

The California Prune Board (CPB) is leading the way in investigating a connection between prunes and favourable bone health through a growing body of evidence spanning two decades. Building on this remarkable and extensive research, the organisation is announcing recently published scientific data supporting the role prunes may play in optimal...