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Call to reduce salt content in bread as three in four products are as salty as a packet of crisps in just one slice

NEW research by Action on Salt, the scientific expert group based at Queen Mary University of London, has found popular packaged sliced bread sold in UK supermarkets contain unnecessary amounts of saltiv, with some breads saltier per serve than 2x small portions of McDonald's French friesi. Salt is the major factor that raises our blood...




AB MAURI launch healthy 'Pure ProGrains' bread range in the UK and Ireland

AB Mauri is pleased to introduce the new healthy bread mix range, Pure ProGrains. The four new mixes are innovative concepts that have been specially designed to make it simple for craft and medium size bakeries to produce breads, that not only taste fantastic, but also deliver several significant health and nutritional benefits.




New review recognises the loaf as a keystone of good health

The Federation of Bakers recently highlighted a focus on bread products in the 2020 British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Review, which was released last month. The updated review, supported by the Federation, examines the role of bread in the UK diet and its contribution to mass public intake of nutrients. It also investigates the components of...