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NEW Studies Suggest UK's Salt Reduction Programme Could Help Reduce Health Inequality in Children – Government Must Act Now

Two NEW studies have examined the impact of the UK's salt reduction programme, and the improvements needed to ensure the programme continues to be successful. The first study (Socioeconomic status and dietary sodium intake in children from 2008 to 2019 in the United Kingdom) published on 22nd June 2022 in the Journal of Hypertension...
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Government delays restrictions on multibuy deals and advertising on TV and online

Restrictions on multibuy deals and advertising foods high in fat, salt or sugar to be delayed for a year. 1. Restrictions will be delayed in light of unprecedented global economic situation and in order to give industry more time to prepare for the restrictions on advertising; 2. Rules limiting the location of unhealthy foods in shops will go...
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Salt in the system. Salt reduction targets for 2024 released

The voluntary salt reduction targets for 2024 were published to "encourage businesses to further reduce salt levels in the foods that contribute most to salt intakes". The document outlines targets for levels of salt in food products and drinks, part of PHE's reduction and reformulation programme. 2024. It offers specific guidance...