The European Parliament adopts position on New Genomic Techniques

Friday, February 9, 2024

The European Parliament adopts position on New Genomic Techniques

The European Parliament adopted on Wednesday its position on the EC proposal for a new Regulation on plants produced by New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) bringing the file one step closer to conclusion.

The European Parliament recognised the potential of NGTs to provide solutions to the challenges faced by the EU agricultural sector and acknowledged that a new legal framework is needed for NGTs.


MEPs agreed that not all NGTs plants are the same and maintained the two categories as proposed by the EC proposal, recognising that NGT plants and products of Category 1 are conventional-like and they should be exempted from the requirements of the GMO legislation. However, Primary Food Processors are concerned about the voted provisions on the mandatory labelling of Category 1 NGT products. This contradicts the opinion of both the ENVI and the AGRI Committees. Furthermore, PFP considers these provisions as incompatible with the fact that Category 1 products are deemed to be equivalent to conventional products.

PFP would like to recall the crucial need to have an appropriate EU legislative framework adopted for NGTs to help answering agricultural challenges. PFP will continue engaging constructively with the EU regulators to ensure a workable framework and supporting the legislative process.

PFP expects that the Council of the European Union will further work and scrutinise the EU Parliament position.

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