New Ingredient Retains Freshness in Sweet Baked Goods

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New Ingredient Retains Freshness in Sweet Baked Goods

Grande Custom Ingredients Group is excited to announce the development of a new, clean-label functional ingredient for use in sweet baked goods. Suitable for frozen or fresh dough and dry mixes, Grande Durato™ is a proprietary whey protein concentrate that replaces up to 100% of dried dairy products to improve moisture retention in cookies, cakes, muffins, bars and pastries.


Stephanie Miller, Senior Marketing Manager for Grande Custom Ingredients Group, said:

Even when the sell-by date is a week away, baked goods that have been on the shelf for a few days in an in-store bakery often lack consumer appeal. That's because of a perception that the products no longer have that just-baked freshness. Grande Durato increases and retains indulgent textures and freshness on Day 1 and throughout their intended shelf lives.


The ingredient was developed by a team of Grande's food scientists and R&D professionals in response to demands for maintaining moist textures and quality in sweet baked goods. Made in the heart of the Midwest, Grande Durato is the latest expansion of the company's extensive line of functional whey protein ingredients used by leading food companies and global brands.

Controlled studies were conducted to demonstrate Grande Durato's ability to improve quality in cookies and muffins when replacing 100% of non-fat dry milk. A sensory panel scored each version for major sensory attributes, and a technical analysis was performed to determine distinctions and moisture content over time. The Grande Durato cookie outperformed the control for moisture content, texture, and visual appearance, and maintained a clean, desirable flavor.


Stephanie Miller, said:

Indulgent textures in sweet baked goods are an indicator of quality, with 86% of consumers preferring cookies that are soft and bendy. When in-store bakeries can retain desirable textures over time, the opportunities for additional sales and revenue increase.


Grande Custom Ingredients Group continues to innovate by expanding its product line with all-new Grande Durato.

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