Phytolon and Ginkgo Bioworks Successfully Achieve First Milestone to Produce Vibrant Natural Food Colors via Two Producing Strains

Phytolon and Ginkgo Bioworks announces the successful completion of the first development milestone of their multi-product collaboration to produce natural food colors and the resulting distribution of an equity milestone to Ginkgo. Their partnership, which began in February 2022, aims to produce vibrant betalain pigments spanning the entire...




GNT’s pioneering paprika oil opens up new options for orange shades in fat-based and low-water applications

EXBERRY® by GNT has developed the first purely oil-based Coloring Food, enabling manufacturers to achieve vibrant orange shades in applications with a low water content. Made from paprika seed oil and paprika pulp, EXBERRY® Shade Vivid Orange – OS was created to meet the global demand for low-dosage, clean-label coloring...




Healthy Hedonism: EXBERRY® by GNT identifies disruptive new color trend

A bold new era of “Healthy Hedonism” is inspiring a radical rethink of what is possible with natural colors, according to trend analysis by GNT. GNT, the global supplier of plant-based EXBERRY® colors, explored how today’s consumers see color in the world of food and drink and beyond. The research revealed a powerful new...
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Categories: 2022

Tags: EXBERRY, GNT, food colouring

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