GNT’s pioneering paprika oil opens up new options for orange shades in fat-based and low-water applications

EXBERRY® by GNT has developed the first purely oil-based Coloring Food, enabling manufacturers to achieve vibrant orange shades in applications with a low water content. Made from paprika seed oil and paprika pulp, EXBERRY® Shade Vivid Orange – OS was created to meet the global demand for low-dosage, clean-label coloring...




Call to reduce salt content in bread as three in four products are as salty as a packet of crisps in just one slice

NEW research by Action on Salt, the scientific expert group based at Queen Mary University of London, has found popular packaged sliced bread sold in UK supermarkets contain unnecessary amounts of saltiv, with some breads saltier per serve than 2x small portions of McDonald's French friesi. Salt is the major factor that raises our blood...




Data rights & digital responsibility for the food sector: DRG4Food project promotes new tools on Consumer Rights Day

As rapid digital advancements continue to shape the world we live in, market abuses and social injustices pose a significant threat to consumer rights, both in the physical and virtual worlds. Particularly in sensitive systems like the food chain, data-based approaches are important but not easy to implement due to the sheer mass of...




The Baking Forum receives overwhelming support from the baking industry

At last, an event that is relevant to the Baking Industry has arrived. Conceived by the baking industry, for the baking industry, the inaugural Baking Forum on 19th May has received a resounding thumbs up from event sponsors and industry bodies alike. All sponsorship opportunities were snapped up shortly after being released. The Federation of...




New Bath institute to tackle pressing climate crisis and sustainability issues

The new Institute for Sustainability will focus on sustainable chemical technologies and sustainable systems. The University of Bath has launched the new Institute for Sustainability (IfS) to bring together multidisciplinary expertise in tackling the most pressing climate and sustainability issues facing society. Led by leading sustainability...




Harmful fungal toxins in wheat: a growing threat across Europe

Harmful fungal toxins are on the rise in Europe's wheat and affect almost half of crops, according to a new study led by the University of Bath. Wheat - the most widely cultivated crop in the world - is under growing attack from harmful toxins. Across Europe, almost half of wheat crops are impacted by the fungal infection that gives rise to...




New funding for agriculture and horticulture automation and robotics

Further £12.5 million for projects focused on cutting-edge agriculture and horticulture innovation to boost productivity, reduce labour demands, and create more sustainable farming practices. Ahead of its launch in January, Defra has today published guidance for the third round of the Farming Futures Research and Development Fund...




Whole-grain food consumption impacted by consumer skepticism and lack of labeling standard

Despite numerous health benefits and recommendations from dietary guidelines, whole-grain food intake remains low globally. A research article featured in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, published by Elsevier, studies consumer understanding of whole-grain food definitions and industry labeling practices.




Citrus | Risks of a major disease epidemic in the Mediterranean

Huanglongbing (HLB) is the most serious disease affecting citrus crops worldwide, but the Mediterranean has so far been spared. For the first time, a team coordinated by CIRAD has clearly demonstrated the ability of an insect, the African psyllid Trioza erytreae, to transmit the bacterium responsible for the most serious form of HLB. The...




AB MAURI launch healthy 'Pure ProGrains' bread range in the UK and Ireland

AB Mauri is pleased to introduce the new healthy bread mix range, Pure ProGrains. The four new mixes are innovative concepts that have been specially designed to make it simple for craft and medium size bakeries to produce breads, that not only taste fantastic, but also deliver several significant health and nutritional benefits.

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